Research Projects of Doctoral Students and Postdoc

Projects of Doctoral Students & Postdoc

  • Consequences of resocialization: Juvenile prisoners between the right of reintegration and the protective interests of the society

  • Consequences of the probation service for its addressees and their social network

  • Embodied consequences of social services work – Socio-pedagogical Fan-Projects and the construction/transformation of social orders

  • Consequences of social services work in the context of social urban development

  • Consequences of social situation-based health promotion

  • (Re-)Constructions of Being A Parent as a Consequence of Residential Child Care

  • The dispositive of the addressee of youth welfare services (co-)initiated by schools

  • Subjectivation processes of young users in educational landscapes in campus form

  • The Negotiation Process in the Victim-Offender-Mediation

  • Organization and participation – the participation imperative in residential childcare services

  • Consequences of systematic sanctioning in residential child care: The stage model concept from the adressee perspective.

  • Processes of Social Differentiation in the Participatory Design of Services in Open Child and Youth Work