Doctoral Student

Alica Strecker, M.A.

Equal opportunities and diversity representative

H-B 6410

Qualification Project

Consequences of individual teaching assistance for accompanied students

The UN-Conversation on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has led to an increase use of assistants in German schools. For this purpose, ‘participation in education’ was anchored in the Social Code (§ 75 SGB IX), which is mostly realized as integration assistance (§ 112 SGB IX or § 35a SGB VIII) as an individual support service. Teaching assistance as a support service has been examined in research and controversially discussed. However, the perspectives of assisted students are underrepresented in the existing body of literature. The dissertation places interviews with students  in receipt of teaching assistance at the center of a qualitative study to explore their perspectives. The project is grounded in the methodology of Constructivist Grounded Theory (Charmaz), which privileges subject perspective. The aim of the study is  to investigate positive and negative, intended and unintended consequences of individual teaching assistance from the addressees’ perspective.