Doctoral Student


Bildungslandschaften in Campus-Form aus schulischer Perspektive.

Coelen, T./Hemmerich, S./Jestädt, H./Klepp, S./Million, A./Zinke, C. (2022)

DDS - Die Deutsche Schule 114 (1), Münster: Waxmann, S. 46-60.

Qualification Project

Consequences of outpatient social services for its addresses in rural areas

Rural areas make up the majority of Germany’s territory; more than half of the population in Germany lives in the countryside. Despite this fact it is remarkable that social services in rural areas have hardly been systematically researched empirically. At the same time, in professional, scientific, political and social contexts, rural areas are attributed numerous specific characters that would challenge addressees, professionals and municipalities. The aim of the qualitative dissertation project is to examine the consequences of an attributed ‘rurality’ from the perspective of addresses of outpatient social services in rural areas.

Professional Experience

Since 2021
Associated Member of the DFG-Research Traing Group 2493 “Consequences of social services work”

Scientific co-worker (parental leave cover) in the DFG-Project “Der Campus als Leitbild und Praxis in Lokalen Bildungslandschaften [The Campus as Vision and Practice of Local Educational Landscapes]“ under the direction of Prof. Dr. Coelen, University of Siegen, and Prof. Dr. Million, TU Berlin

Since 2020  
Scientific co-worker in the workspace “Socialisation, Youth Work and Life Course Research” under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas Coelen, University of Siegen

Residential Child and Youth Care Worker for a group of girls in need of intensive social pedagigical care, Schottener Soziale Dienste gGmbH

Student Assistant and Scientific Assistant at the working group of Prof. Dr. Benno Hafeneger, Philipps-University of Marburg

College education

Master Studies Program “Erziehungs- und Bildungswissenschaft [Educational Sciences]“, Philipps-University of Marburg

Bachelor Studies Program “Erziehungs- und Bildungswissenschaft [Educational Sciences]“, Philipps-University of Marburg


German Association of Educational Science [DGfE – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft]: Dividion 8 – Social Pedagogy and Early Childhood Education, Division 2 – General Education