Doctoral Student

Tim Hollenhorst, M.A.

Qualification Project

‘Self’ as consequence of self-help

Self-help works by uniting individuals into homogenised groups with regard to a problematised characteristic description. This mechanism of action, which is often not questioned in impact studies, is to be reflected in this research project in order to enable an empirically and theoretically saturated description. A major concern is to reconstruct group formation and the construction of a ‘Self’ as subject of self-help. Using a qualitative approach, group formation is viewed as the result of constitutional processes based on descriptions of characteristics. Against this background, the questions will be examined as to which (meaning) attributions the addresses constitute the group as a ‘Self’ and how these processes can be reconstructed in their consequences.

Curriculum Vitae

2011 – 2014
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Ethnology at the Johannes Gutenberg-University  Mainz

2013 – 2014
Student Assistant at the Centre for Criminology (KrimZ)

2014 – 2019
Master of Arts in Sociology at Bielefeld University

2015 -2017
Research Assistant at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence

2018 – 2020
Project Consultant at the Bundesvereinigung Stottern & Selbsthilfe e.V.

Winter Semester 2021 / 2022
Lectureship at the Chair of the Chair of Sociology and Politics of Rehabilitation, Disability Studies, at the Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Cologne

since October 2021
Scientific Assistant and doctoral student at the Research Training Group “Consequences of Social Services Work”