Doctoral Student

Zijad Naddaf


Chemsex: Alternative Lesarten eines mediatisierten Phänomens.

Mäder, S./Naddaf, Z. (2020)

Zum Verhältnis von Jugendsozialarbeit, politischer Bildung und Prävention in der Migrationsgesellschaft.

Naddaf, Z./Thimmel, A. (2020)

Qualification Project

Consequences of social services work in the context of (forced) migration

The policy for refugees in Germany is characterised by an administrative management in which decisions are made about the participation perspectives of protection seekers. If Social Services Work is understood as a welfare state arrangement, it is necessary to ask how it is constituted in this field. To fathom the complexity of the powerful processes in the field of refugee policy, the socio-political dimensions are examined by a discourse analysis of individual political programmes and concepts. The reconstructed intended consequences of the Social Services Work will be related to the perspectives of the addressees, which has not yet been empirically researched in detail. These perspectives are explored by qualitative methods in order to investigate the interpretation of Social Services Work by the addressees and the associated (unintended) (side)effects of Social Services Work.

Academic Career

2014 – 2017
Master Studies Program “Pädagogik und Management in der Sozialen Arbeit [Pedagogy and Management in Social Work]“, Technische Hochschule Cologne

2011 – 2014
Bachelor Studies Program “Social Work”, degree: 2014 (Technische Hochschule Cologne)

Professional Experience

seit 10/2021
Scientific co-worker and doctoral student at the DFG-Research Training Group 2493 “Consequences f social services work”

2017 bis 2021
Teaching assignment for the theory-oriented seminar „Interkulturelle Soziale Arbeit [intercultural social work] at the University of Koblenz

2015 bis 2021
Scientific co-worker at the institute for children, youth, family and adults [Institut für Kindheit, Jugend, Familie und Erwachsene]; Focus of Reserach: non-formal education [Nonformale Bildung], Technische Hochschule Cologne

2013 bis 2015
Co-worker at the institute of applied management and organisation in social work [Institut für Angewandtes Management und Organisation in der Sozialen Arbeit (IMOS)], Technische Hochschule Cologne