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Moritz Müller, M.A.

Member of doctoral students representation

H-B 6412
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Qualification Project

Consequences of low-threshold settings in homeless services

Low-threshold services for the homeless are usually particularly oriented toward the life-world (Lebenswelt) and acceptance of people in difficult and stigmatized situations. These target groups are often considered ‘hard to reach’ for other forms of social assistance. Since low-threshold services for the homeless are not (directly) aimed at changing the behavior of its addressees, questions about the goals and consequences of such services are especially relevant. However, little research has been done on what homeless assistance in general, and low-threshold approaches in particular, mean for their addressees. Against this background, this research project follows a qualitative and explorative approach to analyze the (un)intended consequences of low-threshold settings in homeless assistance.

Professional experience:

since 04/2023
Research associate at the DFG Research Training Group 2493 „Consequences of social services work“, University of Siegen

2019 – 2023
Research associate in the DFG research project “Tensions in fields of volunteering”, University of Siegen

2018 – 2019
Scientific assistant (Bachelor) at the Center for Planning and Evaluation of Social Services (ZPE), University of Siegen

2016 – 2017
Scientific assistant (Bachelor) in the DFG research project “Withdrawing from volunteering”, University of Siegen

2012 – 2019
Assistant in a homeless shelter, Diakonie in Südwestfalen, Siegen

College Education

2017 – 2019
Scholarship for the Master Studies Program offered by the House of Young Talents – Young Academy, University of Siegen

2016 – 2019
Master of Arts „Bildung und Soziale Arbeit [Education and Social Work]“, University of Siegen

2012 – 2016
Bachelor of Arts „Soziale Arbeit [Social Work]“, University of Siegen