Doctoral Student

Elena Maschke, M.A.

Member of doctoral students representation

H-B 6411

Qualification project

Flexible Assistance and its Consequences for Addressees in the Context of Youth Services Work

“Flexible assistance” emerged from a reform discourse in youth services work and aims an alternative organizational design of youth services work. The idea is that assistance should be oriented to the (also changing) needs of the addressees in a “learning” way. In this way, flexible assistance – in contrast to the pillarized youth services – aims to avoid dropouts and thus create continuity in the process of assistance. The perspective of the addressees on flexible assistance and its consequences has hardly been researched so far. The qualification project first reconstructs possible forms of flexible assistance on the basis of interviews with professionals. Using a biographical approach, the consequences of flexible assistance are reconstructed from the perspective of the addressees in these potentially heterogeneous forms of flexible assistance.

Professional Activities

Since 2023:
Research associate at the DFG Research Training Group 2493 “consequences of social services work”, University of Siegen

External doctoral student at the DFG Research Training Group 2493 “Consequences of Social Services Work“, University of Siegen

Since 2021:
Social pedagogue at outpatient youth welfare services

Since 2021:
Lecturer on the topic “Social Services of the Justice system”, University of Applied Sciences, Fulda (SoSe 2021, 2022)

2020 – 2021:
Social pedagogue at the Juvenile Court Services Fulda (for parental leave replacement)

Academic Education

2017 – 2020:
M.A. Educational Science, Philipps-University of Marburg

2014 – 2017:
B.A. Educational Science, Philipps-University of Marburg


WiSe 2022:
Seminar “Between normalization and accompaniment: institutional logics of the education of young people within youth welfare services”, Philipps University of Marburg

Since SoSe 2021:
Seminar “Social services in the criminal justice context”, University of Applied Sciences, Fulda


Associate member of the DGfE – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft (German Society of Educational Science) in the section of social pedagogy and education in the early childhood, commission of social pedagogy, and in the section of organizational pedagogy