Doctoral Student

Kristina Enders, M.A.

Portrait Kristina Enders

Qualification project

Consequences of social situation-based health promotion

An increasing health inequality is observed in Germany. With the entry into force of the Prevention Act (PrävG) at the beginning of 2016, the social situation and non-medical health promotion were strengthened. By promoting the self-determined health-oriented actions of the addressees, a contribution should be made to reducing socially-related inequality of health opportunities.
Although empirical studies show that economically disadvantaged population groups do not benefit from the universally oriented health promotion, there are few empirical clues about the considerations of the addressees, their motives and decisions regarding the use or non-use of the offers. What the appeal through the field of social-related health promotion means for the addressees and which consequences they make relevant for their (healthy) life or not, has not yet been empirically investigated so far. It should be the subject of the research work.

Curriculum Vitae

Research associate in the program “Research and Evaluation” at FOGS GmbH/ Cologne

Research associate in the project “Health literacy of individuals at high-risk (RisKomp)” in the research area of ​​health literacy at ceres/ Cologne

Research associate in the area of ​​research documentation at the Centre for Familial Breast and Ovarian Cancer of the University of Cologne/ Cologne

Project management media analysis at Unicepta GmbH/ Cologne

Lecturer for market research/ PR evaluation at the West German Academy for Communication e.V./ Cologne

Research associate in the program “System and Control” at the German Institute for Adult Education/ Bonn

Research associate in the project “Media Integration of Ethnic Minorities” in DFG special research field “Medienumbrüche”/ Siegen

Master of Arts in Social Sciences at Heinrich Heine University/ Düsseldorf

Bachelor of Arts in Social Science/ Media Studies at University Siegen/ Siegen

Training as a management assistant in advertising (IHK)