Doctoral Student

Hendrik Möller, M.A.

H-B 6408
Portrait Hendrik Möller


„Sei einfach ein Fuchs“ – Intendierte Wirkungserwartungen und eigenmächtig handelnde Adressat*innen in der (Jugend-)Straffälligenhilfe.

Baldsiefen, A. M./Möller, H. (2022)

Zeitschrift für Jugendkriminalrecht und Jugendhilfe 33 (1), S. 44–50.

Qualification project

Consequences of resocialization: Juvenile prisoners between the right of reintegration and the protective interests of the society

Using the example of the “Jugendstrafvollzug in freien Formen” (a technical term for a specialised institution for young prisoners in Germany that provides a certain degree of self-determination during the process of resocialisation), this proposed research project intends to focus on young prisoners as addressees of these educational and resocialization measures. The specialised institutional format is supposed enable the addressees to take on responsibility in regard to their own consequential measures and position themselves as actors during the process of their resocialisation based on their individual background and available resources. The research utilises a qualitative-reconstructive research design to investigate individual consequences for the addressees, while taking the educational-supportive framework of a youth prison into account. Therefore, this multidisciplinary study project touches upon educational science as well as theories related to legal sciences.

Curriculum Vitae

M.A. Educational Science at University of Bielefeld

B.A. Educational Science at University of Bielefeld

Law and criminology studies at University of Bielefeld