Significant conceptualisation, short presentations, and skittles

DFG Research Training Group 2493 “Consequences of social services work”

February 2nd and 3rd, 2024


What do these three terms have in common? Quite simply: they were part of the programme of our two-day workshop to present the exposés of the third cohort. In addition to the exciting […]

New Colleague

DFG Research Training Group 2493 “Consequences of social services work”

December 1st, 2023

University of Siegen

We are pleased to welcome Inga Selent as a new member of our team. Inga Selent previously worked at the University of Münster. We are very much looking forward to her wealth of […]

Special Issue now online available

Bernd Dollinger, Zoë Clark and Selina Heppchen

Questions of causality are inevitable when exploring consequences. In our special issue of the journal neue praxis, we focus on the topic of “Causality and the re/construction of consequences of social services“. Theoretical […]

Digital Evening-Lecture with John Clarke

DFG Research Training Group 2493 "Consequences of social services work"

December 6th, 2023; 6-8 pm


This semester we are delighted to have John Clarke (Emeritus Professor of Social Policy, The Open University, UK) as a speaker in our Evening-Lecture. He will talk about: “Remaking welfare, remaking states: disciplining […]

Start into winter semester 2023/24

DFG Research Training Group 2493 "Consequences of Social Services Work"

University of Siegen

Wintersemester 23/24 also starts fpr the Research Training Group. A whole lot of events and lectures are planned with special guests.

Coming soon: Conference “What works from whose perspective – current research on the consequences of social Services Work”.

DFG-Research Training Group "Consequences of social services work"

7th and 8th September, 2023

University of Siegen, Campus Unteres Schloss

First Cohorts planned conference “What works from whose Perspective – Current Research on the Consequences of social services work” will start in a few days. Seats available.

Available seats: Career Planning Workshop

DFG-Research Training Group 2493 "Consequences of Social Services Work"; Reinhold Haller

November 10th, 2023 | 9 am - 16.15 pm

University of Siegen

Many doctoral students already ask themselves during their doctorate how they should continue afterwards. The path to a professorship is only one of many options for a career within academia. Non-academic careers are […]

Faculty Day

Research Training Group „Consequences of social services work“

24.05.2023, 3.15 pm-4.00 pm

University of Siegen; Campus Hölderlinstraße, H-C 7322

On 24.05.2023 there will be the day of the Faculty II of the University of Siegen. During a walk through the campus, the employees and research groups of the faculty will introduce themselves. […]

Workshop on Research Ethics

DFG- Research Training Group 2493 "Consequences of Social Services Work"

May 10th, 2023, 1-4 pm

University of Siegen, Campus Hölderlinstraße, H-C 7322

Many scientists find themselves caught between the conflicting interests of science and the protection of the people involved in the specific research.

Registration Possible

House of Young Talents, Research Training Group "Consequences of Social Services Work", E-Science-Service of the University of Siegen, Data Protection Officer of the University of Siegen

April 28, 2023, 9 am - 5 pm

University of Siegen, AR-B 2210

Registration for a workshop on data protection, data management and plagiarism prevention is possible now.

Evening-Lecture With Susanne Maurer

DFG-Research Training Group 2493 "Consequences of Social Services Work"

April 26, 2023

University of Siegen, US-C 101

In about a week, Susanne Maurer will come to Siegen in order to give a lecture on critique as movement.