Evaluation of a prevention program and its understanding of causality

DFG Research Training Group 2493 "Consequences of social services work"

October 25th, 2023

University of Siegen

Prevention programs are special in that they are aimed at people (groups) with an increased risk potential with regard to specific problems or phenomena. So how can be evaluated whether help is helping people who are potentially at risk?

Mark Stemmler from FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg was invited as a guest lecturer to our colloquium on 25.10.2023. He provided us with exciting insights into the evaluation results of the (Re)Start prevention program. In particular, the methodological understandings of causality offered exciting ideas for consequences research. Questions of the reproduction of specific groups of people in research and practice were also discussed. We would like to thank Mark Stemmler for this inspiring insight into his research and the exciting discussion.