GHanaian Music in SIegen

Prof. Dr. Florian Heesch

November 23, 2023 | 6 pm

Universität Siegen, Musiksaal, AR-B 2311

Highlife Music Made in Ghana – Concert at the UNiversity of Siegen

Digital Evening-Lecture with John Clarke

DFG Research Training Group 2493 "Consequences of social services work"

December 6th, 2023; 6-8 pm


This semester we are delighted to have John Clarke (Emeritus Professor of Social Policy, The Open University, UK) as a speaker in our Evening-Lecture. He will talk about: “Remaking welfare, remaking states: disciplining […]

Conference Registration starts today

Research Training Group „Consequences of social services work“


University of Siegen; Campus Unteres Schloß

Finally, the registration for the conference “What is effective from whose perspective? Current Research on Consequences of Social Services Work” of our Research Training Group is open! A versatile program awaits the participants. […]

The new winter semester 2022/2023 starts.

Research Training Group "Consequences of Social Services Work"

University of Siegen

Time to grab your calendar and a marker pen to make a big note of the following dates! For the coming winter semester, we continue with a great programme and more exciting events. […]

Coming soon

DFG-Graduiertenkolleg "Folgen sozialer Hilfen"

The call for applications for the third cohort will follow in autumn 2022.

Evening-Lecture with Michael Winkler

Research Training Group "Consequences of Social Services Work"

June 1st, 2022 | 6pm to 8pm

digital via zoom

Prof. Dr.  Michael Winkler gave a lecture on the topic “Subject and Time. A Challenge for Social Care”.

Consequences Research at the DGfE Congress 2022

March 13-16, 2022

With theoretical and methodological reflections as well as empirical approaches, the contributors Bernd Dollinger, Hanna Weinbach, Jennifer Buchna, Andreas Polutta, Jannis Albus and Selina Heppchen showed the different research potentials that an addressee-oriented consequence research can entail.

10th German Diversity Day & IDAHOBIT*, 2022

Research Traing Group "Consequences of Social Services Work"

University of Siegen

Once again,  the University of Siegen wants to set an example for tolerance and against discrimination. Therefore, a number of  events focusing on gender diversity are planned. This year’s motto is “#TINklUSiv Trans*, Inter*, Non-Binary – Gender Diversity”. Diversity and equality are important topics for the DFG and the Research Training Group.

Digital Evening lecture

DFG Research Training Group

December 16, 2021 | 6 pm - 8 pm


Nina Baur will hold a lecture entitled “Explaining the consequences of social services. Methodological Problems of Causal Analyses of Complex Social Contexts“.