Start of summer semester 2022 – Colloquium and election of the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Representatives

Research Training Group "Consequences of Social Services Work"

6. April 2022

University of Siegen

The new semester has started. On 6. April, all members of the Research Training Group met for this semester’s first colloquium. With the new regulations of the federal government, the colloquium could take place at the university and was no longer bound to the use of digital meeting rooms.
We discussed exciting questions about the meaning of historical perspectives on consequences of social services work. Our interdisciplinary approach enabled us to gain different perspectives on various topics such as historical points of view on the impact of the women’s movement on social work, on the welfare state, as well as on home education. In addition, the doctoral-  and research students drew conclusions for their own research projects.

Furthermore, the election of the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Representatives took place. We are pleased to welcome our esteemed colleague Michelle Buller, and Lisa-Marie Gewalt as her deputy. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Kristina Enders and Hendrik Möller, who have held the office over the past year, who have done a wonderful, enriching job.