Research Student

Kira Grebing

Research Student

H-B 6402

Research Project

The Negotiation Process in the Victim-Offender-Mediation

As an alternative to retributive justice in the form of punishment, victim-offender mediation (VOM) is considered a victim-centered method of restorative justice and, in this context, social services work in the form of mediation in criminal cases. In practice VOM does not present itself exclusively as an alternative, but rather as an accompanying solution that can be initiated and carried out at any time, even parallel to imprisonment. This research project addresses the current lack of empirical studies on how injured parties and the accused produce restitution in VOM. This project analyses the consequences of VOM with the help of conversational analysis by drawing conclusions from how restitution is interactively negotiated by the addressees under mediated guidance and which context-specific (self- and third-party-)positionings and are (re-)produced.

Scholarship & Prizes

2019 – 2021
House of Young Talents – Young Academy Scholarship at University of Siegen

Vocational Training

June 2020 – Present
Research Student as part of the DFG Research Training Group 2493 „Consequences of Social Services Work”

Since October 2018
Assistant – to the Chair of Methods of Empirical Educational and Social Research, University of Siegen

March – July 2020
Assistant – to the Chair of Information Systems, University of Siegen

2019 – 2020
Assistant – to the Chair of Developmental Psychology and Clinical Psychology of the Lifespan, University of Siegen

2018 – 2019
Assistant – to the Chair of Information Systems, University of Siegen

College Education

Since October 2018
Master’s degree program Education and Social Work, University of Siegen

2015 – 2018
Bachelor’s degree program Social Work, University of Siegen