Research Student

Robin Wiesner

Research Student

research project

Consequences of systematic sanctioning in residential child
care: The stage model concept from the adressee perspective.

In recent years, it has become apparant in the area of residential child care that practices of sanctioning are increasingly standardised and systematised. In this context, the so-called stage model represents a substantial pedagogical concept which is applied in juvenile detention centres and closed residential child care facilities as well as in non-closed intensive pedagogical institutions. This concept is also critically discussed in the academic discourse. Its programmatic aim is to convey clear structures and behavioural rules while motivating the addressees to change deviant behaviour on their own responsibility. So far, the consequences of the application of stage models in residential child care have been empirically underrepresented from the perspective of the addressees and will be investigated with the help of qualitative interviews.

curriculum vitae

since June 2020
Research student, DFG-Research Training Group „Consequences of Social Services Work“

since October 2018
M.A. Education & Social Work, University of Siegen

Student assistant, subject area: educational science, University of Kassel

Student assistant, DFG-Project „Scientific support of professional fields of action in dealing with child welfare risk and with the construction of sustainable cooperation structures in child protection“, Unitversity of Kassel and University of Jenawe

B.A. Social Work, University of Kassel