Social science research under corona conditions: Opportunities and risks of online and distance data collection

DFG Research Training Group and House of Young Talents

January 10, 2021 | 9 am - 1 pm

University of Siegen

In cooperation with the House of Young Talents, a workshop will be provided on 15th January 2021, dealing with the opportunities and possibilities of online surveys in quantitative and qualitative social research.

The topics to be discussed are:

– Online methods
– Effects on the research process, starting with sampling
– Ethical and (especially data protection) legal aspects.

In addition to frontal input, the event also offers special attention to related questions of law, ethics and technical issues (recordings, etc.), the event will provide the opportunity for an exchange of experiences and opinions among digital researchers.
The event is primarily aimed at members of the DFG Research Training Group on the Consequences of Social Assistance, but free places are available for anyone interested.

If you are interested, please register as early as possible using our registration form at .