The new semester has started

DFG Research Training Group

University of Siegen

It is October and the new semester has started. We are happy to welcome our new colleagues. Further research projects on the topic of ‘Consequences of Social Services Work’ find their way into our Research Training Group and open up exciting perspectives and insights into consequences research to all of us. Interdisciplinary exchange thus remains a focus of our work.

Already on October 1, our second cohort met in the Hölderlin building of the University of Siegen. In addition, the cohort members were given the opportunity to get to know the university better. A semester of good and intensive cooperation lies ahead of us.

Of course, exciting events and workshops are also planned for the winter semester 2021/22. On October 20, the already advertised conference “Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Addressee-Oriented Consequences Research” will take place. Great guest speakers like Andreas Polutta, Wolfgang Lutz, Anne Waldschmidt and Andrew Sayer will join us. Afterwards, on October 21 and 22, the team will meet for a two-days workshop to present and discuss the first well-founded results on the guiding topic of the Research Training Group.

In the following months, there will also be interesting events with well-known guest speakers – including evening lectures with Nina Baur and Christoph Strünck. In addition, we are planning a number of publications in scientific journals in which we will present the knowledge we have gained about consequences research.

With this in mind, we welcome our new members once again and look forward to an eventful, successful and educational semester.