Organizational theory: perspectives on consequences of social Services work

DFG Research Training Group

28.04.2021 10:15 Uhr | 11:45 Uhr

University of Siegen

Social services work is fairly complex. It’s success depends on individual circumstances of addressees as well as on interaction with and between professionals. Furthermore, social services work is bound to the legal framework, conceptual foundations and different organizational logics. In our colloquium, we explored the significance of organizational logics and their consequences for social services work – together with Prof. Dr. Thomas Klatetzki (University of Siegen). In his lecture, he outlined possible consequences from an organizational-theoretical perspective by using the example of the introduction of § 8a SGBVIII (the protection mandate in the case of child welfare risks). Exciting references could be drawn in particular to the five guiding questions of the Research Training Group.