Nadia Kutscher about the consequences of social services work in the context of digital transformations

DFG Research Training Group

November 18, 2020 | 10 am - 12 pm

What consequences do developments in mediatisation and digitisation have for the practice and theoretical development of social work? What does the increasing importance of media and digital communication platforms mean for the methodological and methodological measurement of the consequences of social services work? All these and other questions about the use of different media platforms in social work were the focus of the last colloquium. At the beginning Prof.’in Dr.’in Nadia Kutscher (University of Cologne) introduced current theoretical and empirical discourses and research projects on media use and digitalisation of social work. Digital communication platforms and the use of social media contributed to this discourse as well as developments in digitalisation with regard to the documentation work of professionals and the collection of data for risk assessment or decision support. Ms. Kutscher’s presentation highlighted a wide range of research desiderata in the context of the consequences of social services work.