How do consequences emerge?

DFG Research Training Group

December 16, 2021 | 6 pm - 8 pm


The second central question of the Research Training Group was the focus of today’s Evening Lecture. It was a great pleasure to have Nina Baur as our guest. In her lecture entitled: “Methodological Problems of Causal Analyses of Complex Social Contexts”, she gave exciting perspectives on complex causal conditions and the resulting consequences for the collection and analysis of research data. A key issue here is the consideration of contexts such as time, space or the identification of social institutions. The last point will be dealt with in our next Evening Lecture on 19.01.2022 from 6.00-08.00 pm. At the centre will be the question of the consequences of social services from a socio-political perspective. Our guest will be Christoph Strünck. The Evening Lecture will take place digitally via Zoom.