Data protection, research data management and plagiarism prevention

DFG Research training Group and House of Young Talent

January 21, 2022 | 9am - 5 pm


A research project should not only be well prepared in regard to its content. Legal and formal aspects must also be taken into account throughout the process. In the workshop today, the speakers Sebastian Zimmermann (data protection officer at the University of Siegen), from the e-Science-Service of the university Siegen Bastian Weiß (University Library), Christian Trapp (ZIMT University of Siegen), Daniel Müller (House of Young Talents) provided a comprehensive overview of the topics of data protection, research data management and plagiarism prevention. The participants also had time to answer individual and project-specific questions. The workshop not only presented the guidelines and requirements that need to be taken into account. It also provided information about further contact points and ways to get support.