Prof. Dr. Andreas Kastenmüller

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Portrait Andreas Kastenmüller

Main focus

  • social psychology
  • information processing
  • health psychology
  • communication psychology
  • pro- and antisocial behavior
  • psychology of religion
  • work and organizational psychology
  • leadership


Transformationaler Umgang: Implikationen für die Offene Jugendarbeit

Kastenmüller, A. (2017)

In: H. Weinbach, T. Coelen, B. Dollinger, C. Munsch & A. Rohrmann (Hg.): Folgen sozialer Hilfen (S. 204-210). Weinheim.

The Connection of Soul (COS) scale: An assessment tool for afterlife perspectives in different worldviews

Ai, Amy L., Kastenmüller, A., Tice, T. N., Wink, P., Dillon, M. & Frey, D. (2014)

Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 6, S. 316-329.

Leadership and information processing: The influence of transformational and transactional leadership on selective information search, evaluation, and conveying

Kastenmüller, A., Greitemeyer, T., Zehl, S., Tattersall, A. J., George, H, Frey, D. & Fischer, P. (2014)

Social Psychology, 45, S. 357-370.