Prof. Dr. Andreas Kastenmüller

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Portrait Andreas Kastenmüller

Main focus

  • social psychology
  • information processing
  • health psychology
  • communication psychology
  • pro- and antisocial behavior
  • psychology of religion
  • work and organizational psychology
  • leadership


When do I feel good when I am nice? A diary study about the relationship between prosocial behavior and well‐being

Kesenheimer, J. S./Kastenmüller, A./Kinkel, L.-S./Fidan, B./Greitemeyer, T. (2023)

Journal of Applied Social Psychology, S. 1-14.

Always look on the bright side of life? Exploring the between-variance and within-variance of emotion regulation goals.

Wilms, R./Lanwehr, R./Kastenmüller, A. (2021)

Motivation and Emotion 45, S. 235-247.